Here are Candy Wagon we sometimes take living in the city for granted. It's all too easy to turn on the tap and get fresh running water without being scared of it running out or being able to pop over to the grocery store to get some dinner without thinking of what it takes to get that meat, fruit and veg onto the table. 

You can now also help our farmers who are being impacted  by this devastating drought by adding a donation onto your Candy Wagon order. Yes, you can afterpay your donation!!!.

Simply select a donation item below and add it to your order and we will look after the rest. Your donation will go towards the Candy Wagon Buy a Bale Campaign. We will cover any transaction fees so 100% of your donation will go to Buy a Bale.

By donating through Candy Wagon you give us permission to use your details provided to donate on your behalf to Buy a Bale. You will receive an official receipt direct from Rural Aid and any amounts over $2 are fully tax deductible. 

$20 buys a small bale of hay and helps transport it to the affected areas

$60 buys 3 x $20 gift cards to help put food on the table

$100 buys a large bale of hay

$500 buys 5 large bales of hay

$1000 buys 10 large bales of hay

$5700 buys a single-trailer load of hay

$9500 buys a semi-trailer load of hay and transport it to an affected area. (up to 900 km)