Boot Care

The materials in your Miss Macie boots are some of the finest available. To extend the life of your boots, it is very important to perform maintenance on a regular basis. Because many leathers differ in nature, some naturally and some due to the tanning process, the methods for proper boot care can vary.


Always store indoors in a cool dry place. Miss Macie boots are crafted entirely of high quality leathers and moisture for prolonged periods of time will cause the leather to deteriorate.


If your boots get wet during wear or otherwise, always allow them to dry naturally. Applying heat to speed up the drying process can damage the leather as well as any finish that may have been applied.


Cleaning and conditioning is the best way to prolong the life of your Miss Macie boots, however before applying any type of product to your boots always remove loose dirt first. A brush or dry cloth may be used for removable of any debris.


A damp cloth may then be used for any remaining residue, but we recommend testing a small area on the boot first.  Once the boot is cleaned and has dried completely, a mild leather conditioner may be used, again we recommend testing a small area first to see how the finish will respond.